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Hey all! As with all things there are a few rules. Nothing too restricting I feel and many of them are in the best interest of others. So lets get to the rules.

1. The prompts must involve Wander over Yonder in some way. Crossovers are fine though as long as Wander over Yonder is one of the fandoms.

2.Anything is allowed. Slash, Het, femmeslash, three somes, whatever. Which leads to the next rule...

3.No kink bashing! Yeah, there may be one or two prompts that will squick you (I'm sure the same will happen with me.) but lets all play nice here.

4. Please post your prompts in the appropriate prompt post. Prompts involving oc's go to the oc prompt post, mature rated ones to the mature prompt post, and safe for work ones in the safe for work prompt post. If you're not sure what post your prompt belongs to, contact me.

5. When posting it's preferred if you put the pairing (or if a gen prompt put in gen.) and kink or a summery phrase of what you're prompting into the subject box. Also put in any possible triggers as warning.

The body of the post of course will be the prompt.

6. You may use anon if you like. Or not. It's your call.

7. Multiple fills are encouraged.

8. You can prompt as much as you want. It is encouraged you do some fills though to be nice.

9. Please tag for spoilers. A spoiler is considered something in a episode that recently shown up until a week. So pretty much each new episode based prompt needs some indication that the prompts contain spoilers until a week since it's premiere on t.v.

This post is exclusively for mature based prompts. Anything goes. All the pairings, all the kinks, go for it. I must repeat one of our core rules here. NO KINK BASHING.
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[FILL] Make You Hurt (Hater/Wander, dubcon) 1/2

Date: 2013-09-04 08:40 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)

By the fifth hour of Wander yelling his name from the bowls on his dungeon, Lord Hater was sick of keeping him prisoner. Which was probably the master plan, his commander tried to remind him; on his own, Wander was already one of the most distracting things Hater had ever found in the galaxy but when he was really trying to to get someone's attention, he took on a whole new level of irritation. Count to ten, Peepers had fought to say before being literally thrown out of the cell block by the bolt decoration of his helmet. The few Watchdogs on guard had scattered under his glare.

Then he turned to the barred door of the little alien, leaned down to eye level, and hissed: “WHAT.”

Wander pulled back from the bars just enough to gain his personal space and tried to smile up at him. The attempt was a bit strained, Hater noticed with pleasure. Finally, some proper respect from the little twerp.

“I know you're busy and all, Hater, but it's been a long while since you were down here. You even locked the door.” Wander fidgeted within his cell, and slipped one hand out to waggle the padlock for emphasis. “I didn't want you to forget I was down here.”

“That exactly what I'm trying to do!” Hater snarled, using the very best of his ability to loom over the prison and cast a shadow that blotted out the light behind him from his captive's viewpoint. Wander leaned back but didn't retreat, and in frustration one skeletal set of claw grabbed hold of Wander's outside arm and yanked him into the heavy metal of the door. He connected hard, the clang long and satisfying and accompanied by a yelp of pain. When Hater let go, the small arm slid from his grip and Wander landed in an obvious daze. “I put you in here so that I never have to think about you again.”

Wander looked most offended than anything, though his eyes were still somewhat unfocused. “Well, that's just rude. Why would you invite someone over just to ignore them?”

“IT'S NOT AN INVITATION!” Hater's fists closed around the bars and he shook the whole door's frame, “You're CAUGHT. I CAUGHT you! You're a PRISONER. For Glorb's sake, I PUT YOU IN CHAINS.”

Wander's gaze dropped to the shackles around his wrists and ankles that connected each pair of limbs to their partner, as if he was only just noticing that they existed. Truthfully, Hater couldn't remember them impeding the little blight's movement in the slightest. He had still been ridiculously hard to keep in Watch Dog custody, and giving him into the cell had been a nightmare. At least his stupid mount had been unconscious, or they'd have never managed.

“Hater, I really don't think this is a great time for us to be visiting.” Wander shuffled his feet and plucked at the keyhole of the chains. “You're not in a very good mood and it's not any fun just sitting alone in a room all day. I think Sylvia and I should leave.”

“You don't get to leave.” Hater lowered his voice to the hollow, raspy whisper he'd been practicing. It was perfect for death threats and establishing that he was a no-holds-barred, merciless villain. You had to take heartless, scary whispers from shadowed overlords seriously. It was practically a rule of the universe. “You're going to stay in there, quiet and alone, forever. And I never have to worry about you ruining everything ever again.”

He moved in a swift arc that made his cloak billow—oh, he had to do that more often, it looked amazing—and turned to the door. In less than two steps, while he was congratulating himself on finally getting it through the stupid thorn-in-his-side's thick skull who was what around here, he was halted by his name being outright wailed from the cell at his back.

“WHAT?!” He snapped, whirling about-face. Upon looking, he found that Wander had all but scalled the barred door, and was looking outright panicked. His long fingers were grasping the bars with the sort of desperation that any normal alien would have been showing hours ago. It made something warm settle in the cavity within his ribs.

“You can't just—I can't stay down here!” Wander's expression was positively miserable. Hate could have clicked his heels together. Finally things were going right! “You can't leave me!”

“Goodbye, Wander.” If it came out more snotty than vaguely ominous, Hater didn't care. He took great pleasure in slamming the door behind him hard enough to shake the entire room. And he turned away and tried not to skip on the way back to his throne. “And good riddance.”

Wander did not stop calling for him until another six hours had passed.

Which didn't mean too much, because Hater had finally found his earbuds, and nothing helped drown out the incessant cries of the imprisoned like a heavy dose of very loud guitar riffs. And maybe a dash of celebratory pop music. Just as something for him to victory dance to. Besides, the majority of Wander's yells had become somewhere between frightened and despairing. It had woken up his mount a few times, but the Zbornak metabolism ensured that one good dose of sedative kept her too groggy to do more than tiredly bat at her guards before she passed out again.

By the following day, Hater was outright enjoying the peace and quiet, and had even informed the Watch Dogs that he was going to go and have a look-in to see how broken their prisoner was now. Surely after all that time alone, it had sunk in that he was never going to escape.

His good mood soured when he walked in on Wander fighting to work the internal mechanism of the lock with a bent fork he must have picked up from somewhere, but Hater couldn't guess since no food had been down here. Prisoners ate on every other Wednesday only.

The lock clicked open and Wander had just enough time to give a hoot of triumph and drop down to take advantage. Hater was there already and had wrenched the door open before Wander could even reach for the handle. In a moment, he had the much smaller traveler by the throat and a good two feet off the ground.

“Did I not make myself clear?!”

He was roaring in the small alien's face, but for good measure Hater gave his captive a forceful shake that had Wander clutching at him in an attempt to steady himself. Enraged that he'd presume to fight punishment, the overlord threw Wander as hard as he could, back toward the far wall of the little prison room. He yanked the door shut behind him, and pocketed the recently opened padlock. Then he moved across the cell to stand in front of the heap of fur and flesh.

Wander was already working to get his hands steady and his face out of the thin layer of filth on the hard floor. Hater gave him a good kick that flipping him onto his back and left the metal of the wall ringing where Wander's shackles connected to it. The wide, always-expressive eyes screwed shut tightly and when they opened again, the one on the left was a few seconds out of sync with the right. Wander tried to squint up at his captor, but a noise of pain escaped him and he screwed his face up. The eyes shut again, covered by the chained fists rubbing to clear and focus them.

“You. Don't. Leave.” Hater sneered, agitated by the way that Wander was seeming to ignore him despite being manhandled. When he got no response, Hater closed the whole of one clawed hand over the top of Wander's face and rubbing fists, lifted him up, and slammed him back into the ground. Wander's cry was far louder this time, but never than speak, he curled up tightly around where he was held and tensed. Waiting for more abuse or to be let go. Hater tossed him back to the ground, disgusted. “You don't escape. You sit there. You rot!”

Wander didn't move.

His eyes were open however, and they were staring at the still unlocked door.

They were hopeful.

Hater scowled.

“You aren't listening!” He struck out with the back of his hand this time, and Wander didn't see it coming. The small alien hit the wall again, the brunt of the impact taken by the side of his head, and Hater may have imagined the little crack! that followed, but he relished it all the same. Wander's arms gave out twice while he tried to push himself back up, and Hater enjoyed that a great deal as well. “I make the rules in here.”

He crouched down and felt along the wall. It took a moment, but the chains were still there. He followed the third shortest one, unlooped it from where it had been draped around the hook that attached it to the wall, and bent down to closed the shackle around Wander's pliant throat.

Wander said nothing.

“You're stuck here forever.” Hater said, letting energy course through his glove, and when he dragged it over the keyhole, the metal fused together. The lock hissed and little sparks flew out, burying themselves in orange fur, and Wander flinched away but was unable to go far. “Because I said so.”

Hater rose to his feet again and smirked, feeling much better now that the cell was quiet except for Wander's pained breaths. As an after thought, he reached out to pluck the ever present hat from his prisoner's head; knowing Wander, the fork had been hidden inside. Hater couldn't think of why they'd let him keep it in the first place. Wander sat upright in a jolt and tried tho grab for Hater's retreating figure, no doubt trying to recover his hat, and Hater couldn't resist dangling it out of reach as he moved away.


The first word Wander had said the entire time since Hater had come down, and the conqueror wasn't sure if he was supposed to feel annoyed or gratified. It sounded so afraid.

When he looked but, he decided on a mix of both.

And a dash of being quite smug.


“Please. Please.” Wander's eyes were flickering from the hat to the door that Hater's free hand now rested on. He'd already scrambled to the end of the chain, halted somewhere in the middle of the room and pulling the heavy metal taut as he fought to make it one step further. “Don't leave me, don't go, Hater you can't leave me.”

“I can do anything I want now! You can't stop me now!” Hater crowed, he stepped back into the room, letting each foot hit the ground with the whole of his body weight behind it. It was an odd series of stomping that let him crowd Wander's space, but though the smaller alien began to retreat at first, Wander seemed to recover all too quickly. He tangled his hands in the black of Hater's lower robes and held on.

“Please, please, please.” Wander buried his face into the cloth. “I'm sorry I wasn't talking I was angry please don't leave me don't here again—”

Hater faltered.

The silent treatment. All of that work, and the little glipstain was giving him the gob-sucking silent treatment.

“—I was scared I was just upset I don't want to be in here anymore—”

He didn't get it. He still didn't get it. After hours, after a full day locked up in a cell, he couldn't think before two friends having some sort of petty spat and he was expecting them to just make up over it. As if Lord Hater, the Greatest In All The Galaxy, The Number One Super Star, Ruler-To-Be of the Entire universe...was just a friend of his who he could wheedle freedom from with an apology and a few tears.

No, no, no no no nonononoNO.


Hater shoved him away, his temper flaring up more than ever. Wander cringed back, all misery and sniffles, and that wasn't good enough because was still watching the door behind Hater. He still look more sorry than anything else, and as long as Wander had some glimmer, some small belief that they were friends and that Hater was nice or liked him or some other insipid bit of nonsense, then he was never going to get it. Hater would never be rid of it.

“I'll do anything.” Wander got out, before Hater could start to yell, and he faltered.


Wander nodded, suddenly much more vibrant, much more eager. He was sitting upright ad all his ruffled fur had become puffed up in anticipation. “Anything! I know we haven't been getting along too good here lately, and I want to show I'm sorry for my part in it. I'm up for anything!”

Hater tried to think. He had to think like a superstar, like a villain. He had to be in control. He had to be ruthless and terrible and something that couldn't be bargained with. A force to be reckoned. Something Wander seemed to have trouble getting his head around while he looked for the good in him. He had to be merciless.

It was like someone turned on a lightbulb in his head.

Of course.

The problem was that Wander still trusted him.

Still thought of him as a friend.

He grinned.

[FILL] Make You Hurt (Hater/Wander, dubcon) 2/2

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Re: [FILL] Make You Hurt (Hater/Wander, dubcon) 2/2

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Hater/Wander, non con, *spoilers*

Date: 2013-09-04 03:34 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
The following contains spoilers for "The Greatest".

As normal Wander is brought before Hater. Though slightly annoyed by Wander at first he decides to keep Wander as a pet. The first thing he does is show how much control he has over his new pet.

Re: Hater/Wander, non con, *spoilers*

Date: 2016-01-17 04:37 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I hope someone does this story soon! It looks really interesting!

Re: Hater/Wander, non con, *spoilers*

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Peepers/Hater, non-con, mind control

Date: 2013-09-06 11:39 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Commander Peepers knows that Lord Hater can be incompetent, overly emotional, and childish. Peepers blames nearly all of their failures on Hater's lack of self-control and self-discipline. He wishes that he could lead Hater's army himself, and feels that he would do a much better job. Unfortunately, he is aware that he's not really evil overlord material - small stature, squeaky voice, doesn't have any special powers, etc. Peepers recognizes that Lord Hater is someone that people will rally behind and fear, while he's not quite cut out for the role, even if he could handle it better.

So, Commander Peepers couldn't be happier when he comes into possession of some sort of mind-controlling device/method. He arranges things so that he can continue to appear to be nothing more than second-in-command, all while pulling the strings behind the scenes, as it were. This plan (for a little while, at the very least) succeeds, and Peepers is extremely pleased and a little drunk with all the power he now has.

That situation alone is enough to appeal to my mind control kink, but I'm also down with Peepers doing any manner of sexual things to the mind-controlled evil overlord, taking great pleasure in having someone who used to order him around so much at his mercy.

Obviously, whether Hater is in a position where he can voice his feelings about this situation or not, this is obviously completely non-con.

Wander/Other, noncon, tentacles

Date: 2013-09-07 09:29 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
What's a kink meme without a good tentacle/vine porn prompt?

Wander come across a plant/creature thats just a little too friendly.

Re: Wander/Other, noncon, tentacles

Date: 2013-10-01 12:00 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hi-ho, Tumblr's own Nethervane here!
I drew something for your prompt:
I hope art fills are acceptable! In any case, I'll be posting a colored version of this in the next day or so, and I'll link that here once it's up.

Enjoy! <3

Re: Wander/Other, noncon, tentacles

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Re: Wander/Other, noncon, tentacles

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Re: Wander/Other, noncon, tentacles

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Re: Wander/Other, noncon, tentacles

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Re: Wander/Other, noncon, tentacles

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Hater/Wander, Socks, sensible ankle headcanon

Date: 2013-09-08 08:48 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
After beein pestered by Wander over and over again, Hater decides to pretend to be his friend (so he can get him on his side/ get close enough to him without Silvia and destroy him/ whatever you can think of).Of course Hater has no Idea how friendship works and decides to just keep giving Wander presents, hoping that this will keep him happy enough. And because he has even less of an idea what is conidered a good present, he gives Wander socks.

Surprisingly, this actually seems to work great. Shure, Wander acts pretty weird when he gets his first present but he doesn't seem unhappy and does wear them so Hater doesn't think about it too much.

But what happens when Hater realises he actually looks forward to Wander beeing happy about his presents? And what happens when he finds out that socks are actually Star Nomads equivalent to (sexy) lingerie?

Bonus points: Wander beeing confused, because Hater giving him socks but acting weird when Wander gets touchy feely around him sends some pretty mixed messages.

Super bonus points: Peepers is the one who finds out what Haters presents imply and has to explain it to him.
From: (Anonymous)
Wander sat, flushed, outside his camping site, staring at the new box of socks. They were a scarlet red and lined with black down the sides. The star nomad's face reddened darker as he began to toe his shoes off and removing the pair Hater had given him just last week. Gosh, he knew Hater was his friend now, but he hadn't expected this in the least. Feet finally bare, Wander took a deep breath before sliding on the red and black cotton, shivering at the way it ruffled the fur around his ankles. Ashamed, Wander felt his cheeks heat up and his nether regions ache softly.

The small orange furball glanced nervously over to the camping site, chewing the inside of his cheek. He'd told Sylvia about all the socks, to which she laughed and he huffed and pouted. It wasn't fair to make fun of people for their feelings, and, to be honest, Wander was willing to return them. There in was the problem. Wander rubbed his feet together threw the fabric, a hot bubbling sensation building in his chest and he purred, his furr fluffing slightly at the feeling. Why would Hater continue to give him these gifts, yet every time he tried to act on them, he'd push him away? Was he shy? Was he inexperienced? Was he just playing with him?

Wander stopped from sliding his legs together and slipped his shoes back on, folding the other pair of golden and red socks together neatly with shame. He'd have to do something about it, he supposed. So, in the morning, he told Sylvia he was planning to confront Hater, alone, and she brushed her head stop his and wished him luck. Sylvia mumbled something about calling Phillie if that was the case, and Wander wished her luck as well before scampering off to the nearest transporter with a sweet farewell.


Hater sat in this throneroom, alone, contemplating. Sure, it had initially been a pain in the ass facading as Wander's friend, but now he'd actually grown fond of Wander's excitment over his gifts. Hater wasn't exactly sure how the maneuvars of friendship worked, but gifting the little orange menace seemed to do the trick. Hater did worry, though, if it was working a little too well. Hater noted the increase of hugging between the two and at one point he was pretty sure Wander had tried to kiss his temple but the thought was so ridiculous and brain-frying that he batted it away.
Wander was just an overly touchy person anyway, before they were even 'friends' he'd been clingy and annoyingly persistant. Hater sighed, slumping in his chair in boredom. A sudden knock at the throneroom doors making him jump and nearly fall out of his throne. Scrambling back up, Hater fell back into his throne and smothed out his robes before booming out: "Enter." (Those tips and tricks he'd been learning about being intimidating online were working.)
Peepers peered through the enterance of the doorway, looking back nervously. "Uh, sir, your, erm, friend is here," he managed,before the door flung open and Wander came bounding in, bubbily as ever. Wander shook Peeper's hand rapidly, "Thanks a heapin' Peeps, I real appreciate ya showin' me the way!" he chirped, before ushering the Watchdog out the door. "W-what are you doing?" Peepers demanded, trying his hardest to fight against Wander's ushering. "And quit calling me Peeps!" he snapped, pushing Wander's hands off of him. Wander lowered his voice, and leant in towards Peepers, "I'm plum sorry friend but Hater and I just gotta talk in private for a sec, okay?"
Looking confused, Peepers squinted his eye before Wander shrugged, waved, and slammed the door shut. The commander wondered absently if his lord would alright by himself, but rolled his eye at the thought. He'd do damage control later, he'd had his own studies to attend to.
Surprised and irritated to say the least, Hater crossed his arms impatiently as Wander lingered by the door. "What are you doing here?" Hater asked, trying his hardest not to sound irritated and probably failing. Not that it mattered, Wander never seemed to catch on to that sort of thing anyway. The aforementioned Star Nomad pulled at his hat nervously from the other side of the throne room. "I-I'm wearing the socks, Hater," he said slowly. Hater raised a brow. "Good, I'm glad you like them. Now, why are you here again?" he repeated. Wander squirmed in place, unable to look at Hater. "I-I came here because I, erm, feel like I'm getting mixed signals," he mumbled.
Hater squinted, leaning forward. "What? Come closer, you id-, I mean, come closer, Wander. I can't hear you." Wander glanced back at the door and, on wobbily feet, made his way across the throne room. Hater eyed the Star Nomad as he came to a stop three feet from his throne, still not meeting his gaze. "What is it?" he demanded. Wander shrugged, looking every but at Hater. "I-I feel as if I'm getting, uh, mixed signals ... " Wander repeated, still not looking at Hater. "A-and I came because I got your pair of socks and I thought that they were mighty fine and all but I can't help but feel like ... uhm," Wander stammered and spoke slowly and it dragged on. Hater's confused expression only grew.
"What are you trying to get at? Do you not like the socks?" Hater asked, unsure exactly how one could like or dislike socks. After all, they were just socks. Wander nodded quickly, taking Hater by surprise. "Y-yes! Of course! I think they're downright swell! I even put them on as soon as I got them!" Wander was wringing his hands now, nervous. "I-it's just that you've been giving me an awful lot of socks lately and I can't put them to good use, if you know what I mean."
Hater shook his head slowly. "What?" he repeated. Wander managed to look up at Hater, eyes guesturing downwards. Hater didn't seem to get it. Wander groaned, burying his face in his hands. "I don't wanna pressure you into it, Hater, but good golly it's real frustrating wearing these and not putting them to good use!" he yelped. "I mean, since you gave 'em to me I haven't gotten down and dirty with anyone and it-" Wander was cut off by Hater's flustered yelling. "Stop, stop, stop, stop!" he hollared, waving his hands frantically. "Too much information!" he screeched, face redder than his robes.
Confused, Wander squinted. "B-but you're the one who gave me the socks!" he pressed, point to his socks. "I thought that meant you took interest!" Wander shouted, throwing his hands out in disbelief. Hater's face began steaming with embarassment. "Why would that mean anything, they're just socks!" he yelped.
Wander's mouth opened and closed before his whole face turned scarlet. "Y-you didn't know ... " he croaked, face so hot he could have fried an egg. "Hater! Socks are like, er, panties for Star Nomads!" Wander yelled, burying his face in his hands. Hater froze, staring down at Hater, who looked more flustered than anyone he'd seen in his life. "What."

Re: Hater/Wander, Socks, sensible ankle headcanon

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Re: Hater/Wander, Socks, sensible ankle headcanon

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From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2013-09-16 11:29 pm (UTC) - Expand

Wander/Somebody, basically pon farr

Date: 2013-09-10 07:13 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Star Nomads are capable of sexual intercourse all the time, but only capable of reproduction one time every twenty earth years. During this time they're desperate for any sexual attention from anybody, even if the match wouldn't produce a child, such as with another species. Hater happens to capture Wander just before his time starts.

Bonus points for Wander hitting on everything that moves before getting with whoever you choose (I wrote the prompt with Hater in mind but if he gets with one of the Watchdogs that's cool too)

fill: . the breaking point | Part One (1/2)

Date: 2013-09-18 03:18 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
There was a little deviation from the prompt (my beta suggested making the heat cycles more often than twenty years, and I agreed with the points she made so), but I hugged close to the rest! Sit tight, this'll take a couple parts!

Part One
The Problem

All he had to do was press the button.

Lord Hater breathed in, long and slow. Air that he didn’t really need flooded his ribcage. It was just the right degree of cool, a familiar comfort after the uproar his ship had been for the last few days. Then he adjusted his cowl, reached out for the call switch again…and froze.

She was going to laugh at him.

Emperor Awesome had laughed. The giant, over-muscled jerk had laughed so hard that he’d fallen out of his throne near face-first, and it had taken a full ten minutes for him to choke out ‘you are so on your own, bro’ before he laughed right through hanging up. Knowing his rival like Hater did, said jerk was probably still laughing even now. Would probably keep laughing, for hours.

Dumb, bulky, unhelpful—

Hater took another deep breath, scrunched his eyes closed, and jabbed the button before he let himself chicken out.

The screen fizzed to life before him, a mess of static and noise. After several minutes, it cleared into a jumpy image that settled on a room of heady pinks and reds. The odd splash of green and white served to accent all of the warm colors, but it didn't stop Hater from grimacing. A small pink being, in green and gold uniform and possessing the usual heart shaped body that all of her minions sported, stepped into frame and began the usual long-winded introduction.

“Greetings most affectionate from the Grand Hall of the Mistress Philieros, the Idol of the Seven Nebulas, OverLady of the Lily-Downs, Crowned She of The Spice and Heather Quadrant, and Coordinator of the Most Impressive Collection of Erotica and Anatomical Reference as last contested span of three-fifths of a year, May She Remain Victorious. All Hail.”

Hater was suddenly very appreciative of his own much shorter announcement.

…alright, somewhat shorter.

“Where is she?” He snapped, puffing his chest out to appear more imposing. He wasn’t really feeling it—there had been far too many strange upsets as of late—but he had a reputation to uphold. One did not let their bones rattle in front of the armies, especially not those of other overlords.

The Heartthrob’s eyes narrowed. “All. Hail.”

“This is Lord Hater, Greatest in the Galaxy!” He was not going to praise Phillie, of all people. Never had. He didn't get why they insisted on trying. “Get your mistress on the line, or pay dearly!”

“Mistress Philieros is currently occupied.” The Heartthrob replied. “You are welcome to leave a message—”

“I am not going to leave a message!”

“…or I can refer you to our Chief of Staff. He is currently in charge.” The Heartthrob was glaring by that point, and Hater snarled in kind. If he’d taken the time to look, he might have noticed how frazzled its impeccable uniform was, and how its collar had wet marks that implied a mouth had been near it recently. Hater was far more concerned with his own problems however; the state and mood of a minion was hardly the foremost of his priorities.

“Whatever. Just…get me someone.” He hissed into one hand. In the distance, he could hear the scramble of Watch Dogs and faint shouting. The prisoner had gotten out of his restraints again, most likely. “Someone else.”

The Heartthrob gave him one last look of irritation and disappeared into a waiting screen of a pink background with a little heart-shaped being dancing about a pole in the center of the monitor. Beneath the dancer, in large letters, were the words ‘Please Hold’. Then, in smaller print, ‘Have a heart. Or a wank. Either, or both.’

Hater grunted and did his best to ignore the heart’s sultry movements.

After the animation had repeated no less than four times, a new face fizzled into view. The Chief of Staff, Jokey or Jocki or whatever—Hater knew the proper name perfectly well, but had long since practiced the art of never getting it right—sat scribbling tirelessly at his ever well-ordered desk. His feathers were folded and left to lay out of the chair’s specially made back, curving around the desk’s side in a groomed piled of vibrant color. Between them were three stacks of papers, each in their own little tray.

Exactly the same as the last time Hater had seen him—except for the extra attendant hanging off the edge of the desk with wide, glossy eyes and hands that kept drumming against the corners. She looked, at least in the sense of species, very much like Wander—her hair fell in tight coils and was colored a red that bordered on pink, and her eyes were a murky shade of brown, but it was obvious that they were of the same alien race. And that they were suffering from the same maddening ailment. And that she was doing her very best to get the Chief’s attention.

Well, she could wait.

“HEY.” Hater shouted a little louder than he meant to, but it served its purpose. The bustling secretary looked up. “Where’s Phillie?!”

“The Mistress is…engaged, at the moment.” Chief of Staff Jocamici replied, tone firmly bland as he spoke. “You are more than welcome to leave a message or inquiry with the desk. However, if you are desiring to know about the state of the temperature regulation unit, I will inform you that yes, it is still online and functioning acceptably. You need not ask if it is ‘running.’”

Hater did not blush. The heat on his face was because of the anger he used to fuel his answering scowl.

“This is important!” He insisted, and somewhere in one of the far-off sections of the ship, an alarm sounded. It was closely followed by a second, and then a third. “Just—just get her on the line!”

“She is entertaining.” The way Jocko spoke that particular word was littered with a very obvious meaning. One that Hater did not take the time to interpret—and even if he would have, the chance to was lost when the Star Nomad working so hard to entice Jocko made her move (trying to clamor up onto the desk in a way that reminded Hater far too strongly of a similar incident not four hours ago). She made it as far as the first rack before the Chief produced a simple, plastic water bottle and sprayed her full in the chest. From the way she squawked and flung herself backwards off the desk, the water must have been incredibly cold. “She will not be able to receive calls for several hours, at the earliest. Possibly days, if the visiting party grows. I will refer you to Emperor Awesome, if the situation is so dire.”

NO.” Hater yelped a little too quickly, and Jocko’s feathers lifted in a partial fan at the sudden raising of his voice. Hater coughed, hoping that he hadn’t sounded nearly as desperate as he was fairly certain he had. “No. It has to be Phillie! Tell whoever she’s with to hold! This can’t wait! Wander’s driving me crazy.”

Jocamici, who had been reaching for the end-call switch even then, paused.


Hater blinked. “Huh?”

“Wander, the Star Nomad.” Jocamici squinted at the screen, and there was the barest hint of amusement seeping into his voice. “He’s what this is about?”


“And he’s with you. On your ship.” Jocko let his pen’s capped end rise and fall against his paperwork a few times, drumming out a metronomic rhythm. The ends of his mouth began to curl upward. “Right now. On your very, very small ship.”

“It’s not that small.”

“Please hold. I will inform Mistress Philieros of your…pressing matter. I’m certain she will set aside time to help you.”

Before he could protest that ‘help’ was not what he needed—overlords didn’t need help; and Phillie’s idea of help was reading aloud the marriage and consummation customs of every alien involved in a dispute, then offering aphrodisiacs in the place of refreshments—the screen had gone back to the animation of the heart-shaped pole dancer. The smaller print now read ‘Use protection to prevent infection!’

He groaned into one hand.

Just as he was beginning to wonder what on earth he was thinking, in a hall that was far too close for his own comfort, he heard Wander’s voice—laughing and yelling words that were muffled by the walls, but were most certainly just as terrible as they had been for the last few days. He shivered at the memory, and at the ghostly impressions of hands that wandered as much as the little pest’s name. The screen began to fizz into focus again, and Hater quickly straightened his robes and spine. Phillie couldn’t see him affected like this. He’d never live it down.

Just ask and be done with it.

The picture cleared, and Hater’s words—lined so neatly on the tip of his tongue—crawled down his throat and died. His face glowed red, and on instinct he moved to cover his eyes, but froze halfway through the motion, transfixed.

Phillie’s personal chambers were done in much the same style as the rest of her palace—red and pink prevailed with gold and green and white splashing in the odd, complex design. In the center was a circle of crystal-clear, steaming water, and from that grew a lily-pad with a huge white flower (more rose than lily). Within that was a heavy, plush cushion that looked soft as air. There she was half reclining, and with her were three more Star Nomads.

Her crown had obviously once been on her head, but now it rested a good three feet away, leaving a small indent on the upper part of her pillow. Her white collar was in the process of being removed by one light blue Star Nomad—obviously a male, though Hater was doing his very best not to look—and a slender, yellow female was attempting to ease Phillie’s chest free of her top, lovingly stroking at the curve of her left breast all the while. The third, who was a soft peach color and might have been of either sex—from the back, Hater couldn’t see enough to tell, and didn’t really want to—had their face buried in Philie’s stomach and was fighting with the buckle on her belt. Her tail was lashing about beside them, and every so often, one of the three turned and caught the appendage in their mouth. And from what Hater could tell from the giggles and moans, sucked on it.

He coughed, loudly.

Phillie’s propped up her head, but none of her bedmates seemed bothered. “Oh, Hatey. Like the view?” If her voice was a little huskier than usual, Hater resolutely did not notice.

“…I have a problem.”

“Military uniform or Sky-High 9000?” Phillie asked, titling her head to give the blue male a peck on the cheek when he succeeded in freeing her of the collar. His fur gained an extra inch of volume and he buried his face in her throat, fingers hurrying to remove her necklace to make way for his tongue and teeth.

“…what?” Hater managed, taking a step back. The female had managed to pull down one strap of Phillie’s top, and was preoccupied with sucking on the exposed swell of the mistress’s chest. Around her own moaning, Phillie fought to answer.

“Military uniform. Or Sky-High 9000.” She breathed, one bare hand traveling to thread fingers through the fur on the back of the female’s skull. The Star Nomad arched and keened, fingers moving over Phillie’s torso and that of the others almost frantically. The male peeled off and was suddenly biting at the shoulders and collarbone of the female. Phillie, having properly gotten them distracted, sat up and dislodged the last from their mission to remove her pants. “To solve your problem. It’s a very nice uniform. It’d look absolutely ravishing on you. And the Sky-High 900 is the very latest model. Guaranteed to make you scream—”

IT’S NOT THAT KIND OF PROBLEM.” Hater blurted, trying to ignore the way the peach Star Nomad had curled their arms around Phillie’s waist and was unabashedly mouthing her hip. She gave their head a stroke that could only be called fond, then led one of the female’s hands over to their scalp. In moments, the other two were on the third, and a new series of sounds rose from their strange little pile as they worked to pleasure each other.

“Sorry about that, they are absolutely relentless.” She purred fondly, then looked back at him. “So what’s the dealio? If this isn't that sort of problem shouldn’t you be…” She waved one hand, half in dismissal. “…whining to Peepers or Awesome or something?”

“It’s…about…It’s that sort of problem but not me.” Hater blundered, helplessly gesturing as much as he could toward the three Star Nomads on her bed. He was hoping against hope that she’d take the hint. Phillie only frowned up at him.

“Okay. What sort of ‘hypothetical’ problem does your friend have?”

“It’s not hypothetical!” Hater said, bristling. “And I don’t have friends!” He was trying to loom, but the size of the screen and his attention continually flickering toward the three aliens and their own endeavors—the peach and blue pair had pressed the female between them and were rocking together in a very obvious rhythm that involved a lot of noise and touching—made it less than impressive.

“Hater. Eyes front and center, come on.” Phillie snapped her thin fingers several times, and he managed to drag his gaze back to her, swallowing lamely and trying to keep his eyes from straying back. “I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s up.”

“I don’t need—” Hater began, and a moment later he wilted. Like it or not, he needed help. “It’s Wander.”

Phillie’s antennae went up. “Wander? What about him? Don’t tell me you’re worried. I’m sure he’s fine.” Phillie rolled one shoulder. “Sylvia’s looking for him now, she’ll find him eventually. He probably started his cycle and got caught up in it. He’ll turn up.”

“He’s here.”

She blinked.


“On my ship.” Hater clarified, as he became more frustrated. Of course Jocko hadn’t actually relayed the reason for his call. Hater made a note to sign the Chief up for as many junk magazines as he could find. And perhaps find a way to ensure that all of them were grossly misspelled in both title and content. “I captured him outside of a spacial telegate a couple days ago.”

“You have Wander.” Phillie said, slowly, and in all the years he had known her, Hater had never heard her voice so low and angry. “You took him.”


“You. Globbing. Numbskull.”

Hater did his best not to flinch. Beside her, the three Star Nomads had paused and were blearily looking up at the two of them. “I don’t…but…”

“No. Sylvia was worried sick. And he was with you this whole time.” Phillie puffed out her chest and hissed. “You could have called sooner, I thought she was going to bust a vein! She wouldn’t eat or sleep when he didn’t come to the port! I am going to knock your block off. You’d better be taking care of him, or you’ll be in big trouble—!”

“I’m already in trouble! Wander’s being weird!” Hater burst through her angry tirade with his own, and as annoyed as he was for being scolded there was also some gratitude in him for the chance to treat this like the catastrophe it was. “He’s acting like them!” At that word, he pointed toward the three Nomads clustered together, who were well-startled out of their activities and now were gathering up around Phillie again—not quite in terror, but they were obviously responding to all the yelling. Much in the same way Wander had several times now.

Phillie lost a great deal of her hot air in a loud exhale. She gently rubbed each of the Star Nomads in turn, obviously comforting them. “Well, what’d you expect? He’s having his heat cycle.”

“His what now?”

fill: . the breaking point | Part One (2/2)

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Re: fill: . the breaking point | Part One (2/2)

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Re: fill: . the breaking point | Part One (2/2)

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Re: fill: . the breaking point | Part One (2/2)

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Re: fill: . the breaking point | Part One (2/2)

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Re: fill: . the breaking point | Part One (2/2)

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Re: fill: . the breaking point | Part One (2/2)

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Re: fill: . the breaking point | Part One (2/2)

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Re: fill: . the breaking point | Part One (2/2)

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Sylvia/(Lady) Reader

Date: 2013-09-11 12:25 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Sylvia finds a ladyfriend (you) and decides to take her home for the night.
Facesitting/69 is not required but highly appreciated! (sylvia'd certainly be able to get some good reach for that, eeeeeeehhhhh????? ohmygodwhatamIevensaying)

Re: Sylvia/(Lady) Reader

Date: 2014-08-27 08:56 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
A/N: I didn't take the time to edit this, please forgive any mistakes. Enjoy!


Just for One Night

You meet her the same way a lot of people do, all across the Universe-- you're in trouble, and she and her partner swoop in like romantic heroes to rescue you. One minute you're about to be brutalized by three terrifying, boar-like men, and the next, there's this streak of blue and pink across your vision, the men are knocked away like insects, and you're being whisked away to safety. You'd never heard of her or her companion, despite their spreading fame, and you wouldn't be aware of all the good they'd done until later-- but still you sense that you will be safe now.
Her companion is a charming little fellow with a sweet voice and good manners, but you find you can't pay him much mind. Your attentions are centered on her-- this incredible Zbornak, powerful and fierce, yet startlingly gentle with you. Her face, a mask of rage just moments before, softens into a smile that melts you, and her eyes, when they meet yours, take your breath away. She is larger than life. She is much larger than you. And you would do anything to be closer to her.
Her name is Sylvia. When she asks yours, you stammer at first, because you're just that frazzled-- not only by your close shave, but by her sheer presence-- but when you manage to spit it out she repeats it and your heart skips a beat. She likes it, she says. She likes you.
Sylvia and her companion, Wander, spend the rest of the day clearing out those men, those foreigners who'd taken up in your village, and it is a thing of beauty because no one had managed to do it in all this time, and here it only took them a day. And Sylvia fought some of them, but not a drop of blood was ever spilled before an agreement was reached and the boar-like men went away for good. You are in awe once again.
Night falls, and Wander spends his time socializing energetically with the other villagers in the local pub, playing music on that fascinating stringed instrument of his and telling stories of faraway lands that have your fellows gasping and murmuring in excitement. You watch wistfully, wishing you could join them in their carefree merriment, but your mind is elsewhere. You can't stop thinking about Sylvia, her powerful presence, her deep voice, her glistening blue skin....
"Hey, kid," comes a voice from behind you, and you nearly jump out of your skin.
Wheeling around, you see her standing there, Sylvia in all her glory, a small smile on her face and confidence radiating from her features. It's hard to speak.
"Sylvia?" You manage, and she gives a slight nod.
"You don't look like you're having much fun," Sylvia says. She gestures over her shoulder at the stairs. "Did you want to, maybe, come upstairs?" She pauses, then gives a small laugh. "Or, I'm sorry, is that a little too forward? I don'know, in some cultures you gotta mate first and in others it's like shaking hands. Literally."
You flush as you realize what she's talking about. In your culture, it is traditional to mate before engaging in any....mating, but the younger generation is moving away from the old ways, especially now that you're more aware of the worlds outside. These days, your people are aware that many of the points of light that seemed to be stars are really planets, and that many other ways of life exist that could serve as examples to you.
She's come from one of those other worlds, you realize. She's a foreign creature from a place you've never seen, and she's seen and experienced things that to you are completely unimaginable.
With a slight nod, you decide to take the plunge. Why not? After tonight, she may go to another world, and you may never see her again. You may not be as adventurous as she is-- not nearly so-- but you know that if you don't do it now, you may never get another chance, and you will have to live with that for the rest of your life cycle.
And so, as Sylvia turns with that fond smile to go up the stairs, you follow her, your heart pounding in your chest. This is going to be your first time, and you can barely believe that it's going to be with her. In a way, it's an honor. She may have had encounters with all sorts of people in the past, but for tonight she is yours, and you are hers, and no other night before or after this matters.
She leads you to her room, holding the door open for you with perfect grace. You step inside, feeling the gravity of what's about to happen, pressing down on you with thrilling force as she closes the door behind the both of you. You are thus alone with Sylvia.
She kisses you, and you flush as you kiss back. She guides you backward until the backs of your knees press against the bed, and then she hoists you up onto it, stretching down her long neck to keep on kissing you, your mouths moving against each other.
You're spread out on the mattress now, and she removes your dress with surprising ease, followed by the simple wrap you wear under it. You are now bare before her eyes, and the rush makes you giggle in excitement. You'd never imagined your first time would be like this, with a near-stranger, but you can't imagine a better way to spend it, either.
Her long neck gives her amazing reach as she explores your small body with her mouth, licking at your neck, across your shoulders, sliding down your chest to relish your soft breasts. You moan with pleasure and anticipation both as her broad tongue laps at your nipple, causing your breast to bounce slightly. She moves downward, continuing her exploration as she climbs onto the bed, kneeling over you, and you become aware of the heat radiating from her lower body, so close to your own.
You sit up and put your mouth to Sylvia's long neck, licking and nibbling at the tough flesh. You move your hands across her body, unsure as you look for the places that will bring her the most pleasure. You move down beneath her, following the curve of her large belly until you find her most intimate place, and put your hand to it the way you have down to your own self when no one was around.
Sylvia moans, and you feel a rush of gratification. Flipping yourself over, you sit beneath her and slide your fingers inside her pussy, feeling a rush as her wet heat envelops you. You have an idea, then, and lean up to tentatively run your tongue across it. She gives a rumble of approval and stretches down her long neck, and you're not aware of what she's looking to do until you feel her great, broad tongue slide across your own pussy, and your world seems to burst into stars as you give a loud cry of pleasure.
"You okay?" She murmurs, lifting her mouth away.
"D-don't stop!" You moan.
You lean up and hold onto her hips as you put your mouth back to Sylvia's pussy, feeling her tongue sliding into you, deep and thick and incredible. The pleasure rushes through you as you fill yourself with the smell and taste of her, and she fills you with her tongue.
You don't last long under her attentions, the assault on all your senses that takes you to another world and sends you moaning and shrieking into overwhelming orgasm. The pleasure is wonderful and intense and winds you up flat on your back on the bed, gasping for air.
You sit up slowly, and she's looking at you upside-down, swishing her tail lightly.
"Are you alright?" She asks.
"I'm....incredible." You sigh.
But you're not finished yet. You haven't given your brave hero hers yet. So, sitting up now, you put your mouth back to her pussy and start to pleasure her again, trying all kinds of movements and exploring her thoroughly with her tongue until, at long last, she comes with a low rumble, and her juices fill your mouth and cover your face.
Sylvia turns around, panting a little, and sits on the bed, while you swallow what's in your mouth and wipe off your face on your bare arm. You'll remember the taste of her, you think. Even when you find someone who will stick around, a mate-- a female mate, for no male will do, not anymore-- you don't think you could ever forget this night.
She lets you stay with her the night, too. You feel very warm and very safe, lying next to her with her great, powerful tail draped over you, and her tough, warm skin against your soft and pliable skin. No night before or after this one matters, you think. Just lying with Sylvia, that great and wonderful Zbornak, is all you want to know.

Hater/Awesome Fighting, Hatesex

Date: 2013-09-15 11:25 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
After Emperor Awesome recovers from beeing punched trough a flippin planet, he immediatly hears how Hater botched up his wish and decides to visit him just to rub it in. After some teasing tough,Hater actually manages to say some things to Awesome that actually manage to get him pretty pissed too. This leads to angry fist fighting. Which leads to angry wrestling on the floor. Which leads to angry, messy hate frotting on the floor.

I'd like this too be as consensual as you can get with a prompt like this and if none of them end up in a dominating position I will love you even more.

Re: Hater/Awesome Fighting, Hatesex

Date: 2013-10-01 08:33 pm (UTC)
xtac: (Default)
From: [personal profile] xtac
((sorry for late fill hope this is ok))

It was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Awesome strutted down the hull of Hater's ship alongside two Watchdogs, who glared at him with their large eyes. Hater had, surprisingly, not risen all hell against Awesome when he docked their two ships together. Nor had he denied his presence aboard.

The entire situation seemed curious, but Awesome was hellbent on confronting Hater. After all, the jackass who sent him flying through a planet and then drifting through space had managed to squander the wish he'd made in a moment of anger. Oh yes, Awesome was going to relish this.

Awesome was, none too gently, taken through the throne room entrance, winking a goodbye to the pair of disgusted Watchdogs.

When he turned around, he was greeted with a pair of bright green scowling eyes, glowering in the dimly lit throne room. Awesome took a step back at first, before tightening his shoulders and sneering up at Hater. The skeletal lord sneered down at the shark emperor, eyes narrowing into slits. "What do you want?" Hater demanded, looming over Awesome threateningly.

The stouter man snorted at the lord's attempt to intimidate him and rolled his shoulders. "Just coming to see how becoming ruler of the entire galaxy went for you ... " Awesome cocked an eyebrow. "Not well, huh?"

Hater spluttered for a moment, faltering. "I-I just didn't want to conquer the galaxy that way, is all!" Hater insisted, unable to convince the shorter ruler, who leered up at him. Hater growled lowly, "Quit looking so smug." Awesome's brow furrowed and he looked down his snout at Hater. "Why, are you going to get your boxers in a twist again?"

Hater took a step towards Awesome. "Are you going to get punched through another planet again?" It was Awesome who swung first, his fist colliding with Hater's jaw with a crack and fuck did it hurt. The skeleton growled, swinging for Awesome, who managed to dodge and land another blow against Hater's cheekbone. The taller man hissed, barreling forward and punching wildly at the man in front of him.

Blows came flying from all directions and Awesome roared in pain when he felt a crack in his snout, blood pooling down his face. To return that pain he slammed Hater backwards before lunging, ready to dig his thumbs into Hater's eyes. Hater screeched, kneeing Awesome in the stomach and slamming his forehead against his adversary's.

Green electricity cracked between them as Hater lost control of his emotions, his magic flying wildly around and snapping at Awesome. Emperor Awesome only growled ferally before clamping his jaw on Hater's shoulder blade, making the bonier of the two cry out in agony, clawing at the rough skin of Awesome's neck.

Punches began to deteriorate into clawing and biting desperately as the pair reverted to their most basic instincts. Hater managed to pry Awesome from his form before sending a searing pain down the newly healed man's spine, causing him to collapse to the floor. Awesome clung to Hater's robes as he fell, sending them both falling to the ground, still fighting wildly.

Hater didn't manage to pin Awesome for very long, the shark like alien turning the table rather quickly, determined to hold his dominance over the other. The punches fell down on Hater, whose yells thundered throughout the throne room and cascaded off the vaulted ceilings. Hater wrapped his bony hands in the fur of Awesome's cape, tightening it so that the shark began to choke, both his windpipe and his gills tightly shut.

In return, Awesome wrapped both his hands around Hater's boney neck, bent on breaking the bones between his hands. The two growled and whined out aggressively before they both began to fade out, their grips loosening enough for them to stop, panting for air. It was then that the pair, with looks of horror, noted the growing bulges between them.

Hater's face flushed bright green and Awesome stared dumbly at his groin, shifting slowly against Hater. The man beneath him keened, immediately slamming his mouth shut in embarrassment afterwards. Awesome sneered, grinding against Hater again. "What is it, Hatey? Can't take a little-" A fistful of cape drug Awesome down to Hater, their mouths clashing in a fury of teeth and tongue.

Teeth clashed against boned violently, leaving scrapes in their wake. Awesome continued his ministrations, crushing Hater beneath him. Awesome parted from Hater, his eyes searing. "I plan on grinding you into bone meal," he said darkly, before picking up his pace, twin dicks hardening at the thought. Hater made a look of disgust, yet he did not stop Awesome. In fact, he returned with a rhythm of his own, his fingers dragging down the sides of Hater's neck.

Awesome smirked when Hater said nothing, only biting back down on the larger man's bottom lip, attempting to draw blood. Awesome growled against Hater's teeth, hands moving to tightly grasp Hater's hips, dissatisfied with the contact so far. Hater was tilted at an uncomfortable angle, his bony legs now hanging on either side of Awesome's waist, refusing to break the kiss, if you could call it that.

Hater felt his bones rattle as the magic that kept him alive bolted up his marrow and resonated in his groin. His robes were hiked up to his chest, exposing his lower spine and the black boxers that were now alight with the faintest green glow. Hater gnashed into Awesome's lips, the faintest moan hissing through his teeth. Awesome was less discreet, his chest rumbling with a groan as he sped up his pace.

The kiss broke, there was blood smeared against Hater's mouth, and the red river gushed from Awesome's nostrils. Awesome wasn't sure if it was the bloodlust or the fact that he was grinding against the most annoying overlord in the universe that was making him dizzy, but he didn't plan on stopping either anytime soon. Not when the electricity that ran from Hater ran into him and sent his senses alive.

A choked moan brought Awesome back and he stared down at Hater, who had fallen back to the floor, spine arched beautifully. The poor fuck looked close. Awesome smirked, quickening his pace. He was going to make Hater come screaming and he'd seer the image in his brain forever. "You're disgusting ... " Awesome whispered harshly, thrusting against Hater so hard that they began to shift against the metal of the ship. Hater could only gape in a wordless cry.

Awesome's smile grew larger still. "You like this shit, don't you?" he laughed, thrusting harder still against the now shaking man beneath him in a desperate struggle to bring himself to finish. "I hate you so fucking much ... " Awesome groaned, shoving himself against Hater so hard that the smaller man screamed, loud, before clinging desperately, legs wrapping tightly around Awesome, who propped himself up on his forearms as he came, body convulsing.

Panting echoed throughout the room as the pair trembled against each other, remaining wordless. Hater squirmed beneath Awesome, who noticed and moved off of Hater, falling to his side. The front of Awesome's pink pants was wet and stained, Hater's robes and boxers in no better condition. A knock at the throne room door made them both jolt.

"Sir is everything alright? I thought I heard a yell?" Peepers called from behind the door. Hater cleared his throat, attempting to sit up. "Y- Don't come in, Peepers! G-go and uh ... go and get towels and some bandaids! That's an order!" Awesome cocked an eyebrow at Hater, who wouldn't look his way. " ... and please get me another set of robes."
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Re: Hater/Awesome Fighting, Hatesex

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From: (Anonymous)
Because I like the idea of evil Wander and the pet au. So why not have a mix of both?

In an attempt to make Lord Wander less violent against him and the Watchdogs, Peepers convinces him that the new Prisoner would make an exellent "pet", hoping that Wander will take out his aggressions on Hater when he is upset/bored.

What he didn't expect was that his superior would take an instant liking to Hater and that, after a while, the akward man-child would become the only person that Wander honestly cares about.

Hater himself doesn't really know what to think about the situation anymore. He never wanted to be someone elses property, but Wander treats him nicer than most people Hater has met and that actually makes him pretty happy. He also isn't as upset as he probably should be when Wander starts to get a little more friendly with him.
From: (Anonymous)
They think he is going soft, and once upon a time Wander would have agreed with them.

Now, he isn't sure what to think. He knows that the rumors are untrue: he did not fall to his knees at the sight of acid-green eyes, or a ragged hoodie. He is under no enchantment, has fallen to no wiles, and the strumming of an acoustic guitar is no more hypnotizing to him than any other music he's heard. All-in-all, he feels exactly the same.

He eats better now, which is startling to realize in the middle of a seldom eaten breakfast. Having company, having someone to feed, ensures that he has made a habit of joining in. He sleeps better as well; the nightmares that have been in his thoughts for the majority of his life are not gone, but arms wrapped around him when he jolts awake in terror, shaking in the darkness of the bedroom and only able to see space in all its vastness...being held lets him eventually close his eyes again. His sleep is not untroubled, but at least he is sleeping.

Little things have changed: he is used to being touched now. Sometimes he even craves it. A hand to his shoulder, the gentle weight of claws trailing through his brittle fur. He is still unable to have his personal space crowded, but his limits are expanding ever so slowly.

He no longer dyes his fur. It's broken and sharp, straw-like. It's been that way for a very long time. The color is muted and stained, but it is orange like he remembers, and leaving it clean means that his arms and back are absently stroked in the evening. Sometimes it means long, slow kisses.

There is still a streak of sadism in him, but it all seems...absorbed. It is redirected, drained from him in sheets and the warm way that red colors bone. Low sounds of desperate pleasure in his ear, hanging on his every word. Trembling limbs under his fingers, winding around his chest and trying to cling to consciousness until that last second when resolves gives way. He's seen white and black and green coated in startled tears and heard shaky words that all but worship him. Kissed his pet dry and clean again, and then kept going until the tremors returned and he's never been one to kneel but the bend of a spine and the way hands clench and the body spasms...

He wants different things now. A world that isn't dark and empty and suffocating him is suddenly within his reach. Something fills it, and if he had a name for it, he'd bottle it up and label it and keep it. It can't leave now, if he lets it go, it will never come back, he knows it he knows.

Faced with a choice, the ray gun shaking in his head and his mind screaming, it takes every ounce of strength in him to not show the struggle on his face.

Hater edges forward, staying between the barrel and the Zbornak. The gun slides from Wander's grip, and with it goes everything he has. He is unarmed and despite being in a room filled to the brim with Watchdogs, he feels more alone than he has felt in a lifetime. He can feel it, that he is going to fall the minute Hater steps away and in so short a time he has become used to Hater catching him. Instead of arms there are lips, and Wander does his best to cling to him please don't leave me you can't you can't leave me please.

He slips between Wander's fingers like smoke, and without orders, the WatchDogs let them go.

The walk back to his room is a neverending series of forcing one foot to lift after another, but he cannot stop, cannot falter, if he lets himself go too then he won't get up again. If he makes it inside, he might be able to pick up the pieces of himself again, patch the holes and come back with more of what he's somehow been drained of, more than ever. He will be cruel, he will be monstrous and instead of begging, he will take.

His legs buckle outside the door and he doesn't even have the strength to scream.

The cloak gives him no warmth but he curls into it, winds it around his fingers until it chokes him and cuts off the circulation to his hands. His vision is spinning, but he cannot cry. He hasn't cried since the last time he saw his mother's smile. More than anything, he wants tears to prove that there is something inside him even now, even if it is only how much he hates himself.

The cold of the tile falls away, replaced by arms and the dull pulse of magic.

Wander goes stiff, then takes a shuddering breath that he doesn't even manage to hold before the walls crumble. The sobs are dry, and his whole body aches after each one; he feels like an idiot, wailing without restraint into a shoulder, but his hands won't stop pulling at the fabric of Hater's sleeves, trying to keep him as close as possible. He hurts and he is falling apart but there are hands piecing him back together at the same time.

They move to either side of his face, cradle him until he can draw air without heaving, and Wander realizes they are in his bed, covers drawn to his throat, and Hater is watching him. Bright green eyes blink, mouth splits into a smile, and Wander realizes that the problem isn't that he's gone soft. He always knew that he was broken.

"I said I was coming back."

This is what being fixed feels like.

[Fill] Unpredictable, 1/2 (Lord Wander/Hater, possible dubcon, angst)

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2013-10-08 02:27 am (UTC) - Expand

[Fill] Unpredictable, 2/2

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2013-10-08 02:36 am (UTC) - Expand

Re: [Fill] Unpredictable, 2/2

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2013-10-08 04:44 am (UTC) - Expand

Re: [Fill] Unpredictable, 2/2

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2016-07-01 04:48 pm (UTC) - Expand

FtM Wander

Date: 2013-09-18 01:44 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
The subject-matter itself isn't NSFW, but how it comes out might be sooooo...

Prompt: While together, Hater discovers Wander is a female-to-male transgender. However, neither thinks it's a big deal.

Hater/Wander - Prince Wander, Slash

Date: 2013-09-23 03:50 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Lord Hater finds out that Wander isn't just a little annoyance that keeps popping up all over the place... he's a little annoyance who also happens to be Prince of the Universe (or galaxy).

Wander happens to mention that the only way to actually rule the universe/galaxy is to marry him. Hater, finally, agrees.

This can technically be GEN or Mature, depending on if you want to add the wedding night scene.

Re: Hater/Wander - Prince Wander, Slash

Date: 2015-03-08 01:13 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
They will be fucking on their wedding night
From: (Anonymous)
Everyone knows the rumors about a rare species that is genetically compatible with most of the races in the universe. They're legends, and no one even knows if they ever really existed. (yep, we're talking about Wander's race, which are hermaphrodites who can carry children of other races)

Hater and Emperor Awesome end up coming across a detailed description of what this rare species looks like. Short, flexible, overly cheery, furred... yep, there is even a picture.

Neither one wants to let the opportunity to marry a Star Nomad slip past them. (Wander's species name was not my idea. Read it in another fic and loved it!)

I'm more fond of Hater/Wander, but whichever one actually wins Wander's hand in marriage is entirely up to you.
From: (Anonymous)
Just curious, anon - are you interested in the sexy part of this fic involving the possibility/risk of pregnancy?

Re: Emperor Awesome x Wander, Hater x Wander: - Hermaphrodite

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2013-09-26 12:37 am (UTC) - Expand
From: (Anonymous)
(Go as light or dark as you want with this prompt. Feel free to add some sexy times too)

Two alternate realities collide. Overlord Hater finds himself at odds with Overlord Wander, while their goody-goody counterparts enjoy each others' company.

(inspired by the great Overlord Wander fics on this site :)
From: (Anonymous)

Overlord Wander. Eventual OL Wander x Hater

Date: 2013-09-23 05:29 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Prompt: AU. How did our guitar-playing magic user (Hater) meet Overlord Wander, and eventually end up his salvation?

I could see AU Overlord Wander with a much darker backstory than Lord Hater, which means that cracking through to his heart would not be an easy task for anyone.

Also, would Sylvia's counterpart be OL Wander's steed, or journeying with Hater? Personally, I think it would be interesting to see her as Hater's backup, especially when she finds out he has taken a liking to the dangerous Overlord.
From: (Anonymous)
Star Nomads hit puberty later than other species. It happens during their adult years, when they're off traveling.

I'll give you a starter: Hater wonders why Wander is avoiding him (despite claiming not to care), and Wander dealing with his more-than-friend feelings toward Lord Hater.

Have fun!

FILL: Feels Like the First Time (1/2)

Date: 2013-10-25 10:21 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hater would never say it out loud, but he was... ugh... concerned about Wander.
It had been at least a month since he’d seen the little wanderer.
An entire month without a single interruption, or ador- obnoxious laughter, or really anything going wrong at all.
Really, Hater should be happy.
But... for some reason, he just felt worried. Had he done something wrong?
Wait... he didn’t like Wander or anything! If he’d done something wrong, if he’d offended that idiot with those wonderful blue eyes, that stupid, heartwarming grin, his willingness to help anyone regardless of what they needed or who they were-
Okay, so maybe Hater had just a teeny-tiny crush on the nomad. Shut up.
It wasn’t like it mattered, anyway. When it came to romance, Wander was about as observant as a brick. It would probably take Hater grabbing the nomad and kissing him silly before Wander would even have an inkling that Hater had feelings for him.
Not that that would ever happen, of course.
Because Hater’s feelings for Wander weren’t that strong.
Certainly not strong enough for him to make up speeches in which he asked Wander to go out with him.
Because that would be dumb.
Still, he wouldn’t deny that he was happy to see Wander again after an entire month of separation.
Even though the reason behind it was... less than ideal.
Freakin’ Phillie.
Though the sentiment didn’t seemed to be mutual, because when Hater tried smiling at him, the nomad looked away, an odd expression on his face.
What’s wrong with him?

What’s the matter with me?

Wander had thought that more times than he cared to count over the past month.
According to his mother, this was perfectly normal for someone his age. He was twenty-three, after all; he was right at the age that Star Nomads start developing sexual feelings and desires.
Puberty was normal for someone his age.
It was normal for him to be... attracted to someone.
But... did that someone really have to be Lord Hater?
Not that there was anything wrong with Hater.
Quite the opposite really. Though Wander couldn’t say that he’d met too many skeletons, if he had, he was fairly sure that Hater would be the best looking out of all of them.
Okay, yeah, the lack of skin was a little... odd, but those eyes... those gorgeous, bright green eyes that reminded Wander of a spring day, those eyes that captivated him, made him turn red, made his knees go weak...
Gob, he had it bad.
And he had no idea what to do about it. Wander had never had “it” before, much less had it this bad!
So, he did the only thing he could do: Avoid Hater as much as possible. For the past month, everytime he’d heard even the unlikeliest of rumours that the skeleton was in the area, or caught even the slightest glimpse of his ship or a Watchdog, the nomad had grabbed Sylvia and ran as far away from there as he could, repeating this process as many times as needed.
It was cowardly, but... Wander wasn’t sure what else he could do.
He didn’t know how to deal with these feelings.
And he was fairly sure that being locked in a room with Hater wasn’t going to help.
Even if it was one of Phillie’s rather nice guest suites.

According to Phillie, this was “for their own good”.
Sylvia had agreed with her.
Surprisingly, so had Peepers.
So, there they were, stuck together, the tension in the room nearly palpable.
For ten minutes, the two of them had sat in silence, Wander hugging his knees and not looking at the other alien for even a second. Every once in a while, Hater would try to say something to him, but Wander would simply remain silent.
“... Wander, why have you been avoiding me?” Hater finally asked, not looking at the nomad.
“... Haven’t been avoiding you...” Wander mumbled quietly.
“Yes, you have. I’ve heard about you fleeing from planets the moment my name was mentioned more than a dozen time.” Hater hesitated, then stood up, walking over to the other alien. “Did... did I do something wrong?”
The nomad hugged his legs tighter, still refusing to look at Hater. “N... N-No...”
“Then why?”
“... Did you know that Star Nomads don’t go through puberty until their twenties?”
Hater blinked in confusion. “Wha...?”
Wander flushed. “I... I’ve never really been... y’know, attracted to anyone before... and about a month ago, I... H-Hater, I’ve been avoiding you because I... I like you.”
Hater stared at him for a moment, slack-jawed. “Are... are you kidding me?”
The anger in his voice forced a very surprised Wander to finally look at him. “What?”
“You’re... you’re making fun of me, aren’t you?! I can’t believe you! Jeez, if you just don’t want me around anymore, then j-just say so instead of making things up!”
“Hater, no, I-!”
“T-To think, I was actually worried about you! You... you jerk!” Hater bellowed, glaring at the nomad furiously.
Wander could feel tears pricking at his eyes. “P-Please, just listen to me! I’m not lying to you!”
Hater scoffed. “Yeah, right! As if I’d really believe- mmph!”
The nomad couldn’t stand it anymore. He stood up, grabbing the overlord by the looser fabric of his hood and pulling him down to his eye level, smashing his mouth against Hater’s.

FILL: Feels Like the First Time (2/2)

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2013-10-25 10:22 pm (UTC) - Expand

Re: FILL: Feels Like the First Time (2/2)

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2013-10-26 06:30 am (UTC) - Expand
From: (Anonymous)
Gotta love Wander's blond wig :)

When Wander wears the wig, he behaves differently. More mature, for one. It gets to be something of a split personality for him, as he barely remembers anything he did while wearing the wig.

Emperor Awesome x Peepers - Tall Peepers is Hot!

Date: 2013-09-23 09:40 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)

Came across the above picture on Deviantart and now I'm craving for a story! Somehow, Commander Peepers ends up tall and sexy, but Lord Hater is too obsessed with Wander to notice. Emperor Awesome notices though...

(this can be general or mature slash, really)
From: (Anonymous)


From: [personal profile] xtac - Date: 2013-09-24 03:19 am (UTC) - Expand

Re: Feist

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2013-09-26 12:52 am (UTC) - Expand

Hater/Wander Rule63, Futa, Blowjobs

Date: 2013-09-24 07:58 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
In an au where Hater and Wander are both cis ladies and dating, Wander decides she would like to take their relationship to the next level. But everytime she and Hater are about to get serious, the latter cramps up totally until Wander decides to stop, or they go a little further until hater just jumps up, excuses herself awkwardly and locks herself in the bathroom for half an hour.

Turns out that for some reason, Hater still gets the same magic dick as CisGuy!Hater when she gets horny and she was hoping she could find a way to repress it so it would not freak out her girlfriend.

Wander of course does not only not mind, she also thinks that her ladyfriends glowing,sparkling magic junk is the coolest thing she has ever seen.

Hater/Wander, mpreg, kidnapping, non con

Date: 2013-09-25 08:26 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
It one day dawns on Hater that Wander is actually pretty rare. Something Wander has never quite thought about. Hater however suddenly finds the star nomad interesting. Perhaps as a symbol or piece of luck to have on his ship. He tries to act as if he genuinely wants to hang out with Wander.

Sylvia doesn't buy it but by then its too late. The two are in Haters grasp and Sylvia used as a pawn to keep Wander in line. It's not too long before Hater claims Wander in other ways, fully intent on impregnating him.

If this has a happy or sad ending is up to the filler.

Re: Hater/Wander, mpreg, kidnapping, non con

Date: 2016-03-27 11:37 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Please make this happen

Emperor Awesome X Lord Stingray Cross Pairing

Date: 2013-09-25 08:32 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)

Quere pairs these two up and it is just the hottest thing ever. Then she uploads this hot piece to her NSFW blog. Can I get a fic based off of this super hot pic, please?
From: (Anonymous)
Hater and Wander are chained up together. Wander gets bored and is used to taking care of his needs, so he naturally offers to help Hater with his.

Ps: Wander is under the impression that girls prefer to do it in private, while boys have no issues doing it in groups. So, unless Hater is secretly a chick, this shouldn't be an issue ;)
From: (Anonymous)

I drew the thing in case anybody needs a visual, albeit how shitty that visual may be. lwl

Re: Wander/Hater - Chains, and Friendly Touching (sort-of masturbation)

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2013-10-08 04:46 am (UTC) - Expand

Hater/Wander - Mood Swings due to Heat

Date: 2013-09-26 12:59 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Star Nomads get really weird when they're in heat and around the person they're interested in. This means mood swings for Wander. So, happy to sad to angry to really angry to sad... you get the point.

Bonus: Sylvia thinks Wander is pregnant and suspects Hater. Hater just can't figure out what is going on with Wander (and no, they haven't slept together... yet)
From: (Anonymous)
(mature in the sense that it deals with death, and other not so nice ideas)

There's been speculation that whatever Wander is (Star Nomad, universe child, demigod, etc.) has a longer lifespan than most characters of the show. Possibly most creatures period. Meanwhile Lord Hater is a (magic/reanimated/whatever) skeleton, and that's something that's pretty hard to kill in general. He would just piece himself back together eventually, unless something serious happens.

So the prompt is: One day, after years or decades or whatever of fighting, Hater goes after a planet like he always does, and Wander is there like he always is, only today is different. Wander isn't his usual over-the-top, cheerful self. He's a little lackluster in fact, because today Wander is pushing around a large stone to mark Sylvia's final resting place.

Basically, Hater realizes trying to fight Wander on the day he buried his best friend would make him a huge jerk, and spends the day instead sort of just being there for Wander. It doesn't have to be sappy, just Hater doing his best to be understanding of Wander's need to mourn.

Bonus if he helps Wander finish the grave and if the fact comes up that Hater is, for all intents and purposes, somewhat immortal. Super bonus if Wander mentions previous friends from before Sylvia, whether or not the graves are shown. My heart and soul if it's implied that Sylvia died because of something Wander or Lord Hater did.


Date: 2013-09-30 05:07 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
[[My apologies; this is actually the first EVER thing I've written for the fandom! I'm sorry in advance if it's terrible.]]


Really, hater barely noticed how much time was passing. Month after month, year after year, and eventually decade after decade of doing nearly the same thing over and over, having the same annoying orange pest showing up and being his same old self, causing the same outcome all the time, he really felt it could and would go on forever. That's the thing about time; you never consider that someone's could ever run out, that something could be different.

And today it just smacked him right in the face.

It had been a tiny planet--actually, Peepers said it could barely qualify as a planet, but hey, a planet was a planet, so there. And the fact that there seemed to be no intelligent life on it hadn't deterred Hater too much--it made the task of taking it for himself a lot easier.

He just hadn't expected to see his pint-size nemesis pushing a rock through the grassy field like some strange mythical victim of karma. And he sure as hell didn't expect to be joining him.

Oh, he'd stormed up to the pest, pulling himself up to look as huge and menacing as possible, energy crackling on his fingertips, he'd had this whole dramatic speech planned out--as he should, he'd practiced in front of the mirror three times today and seven yesterday--but once he saw that Wander's smile didn't reach his eyes, every bit of it was sucked right out of him.

"So...Zbornacks can live an awful long time, but yanno...mortality an' all." He'd shrugged, smiling sadly as he started pushing against the rock again, dirt kicking up behind him. "It's okay though--she told me that she'd lived pretty long in comparison to most o' her species--most o' them only go for fifty years an' she went fifty-five! Ain't that amazin'? So anyway, I thought it'd be nice if I got her the biggest marker I could find, 'cause it's like a huge trophy in a way..." Hater didn't miss the way his voice was tightening, even as he smiled.

It only took a second for him to sidle up, gently scoot Wander aside while grumbling at him to "make room." And then another for him to jam his shoulder against the rock and help push. With his own greater physical strength, the task was accomplished much faster, and Wander actually had to jog a bit to catch up with him.

He didn't speak for the rest of the visit, just listened. As he and Wander gathered up a few more stones to encircle the larger one that rested in front of the freshly-turned earth, he listened to the little guy go on and on about how "Syl" had probably sensed it was time, as she'd asked to visit this place again just yesterday. As he helped arrange the rocks in a neat, wide circle, he listened to Wander clarify the "again" part, saying that they'd visited this place a few times.

And he sat against a small tree with Wander leaning against him as he blabbed further about that. "I try to see everyone on the anniversary, see," he explained, sounding tired. "I can't just ignore 'em 'cause they don't travel with me anymore." There was a pause. "...Ya wanna know 'bout the others?"

Hater scanned the rest of the landscape, taking in the numerous other markers--some of them smaller, as Wander was a younger nomad when he'd buried the companion below, various decorations and offerings on each one. It briefly made him think of his own army--they weren't companions, per se, but they were a constant. And now that he thought it...well, the Peepers he had now was a completely different once than the one he'd had when he'd met Wander. There had been a lot of "Peepers." Every one of them was a little different in mannerisms, voice, habits--two or three of them had even been girls--but they all answered to the same name and wore the same outfit.
He figured he'd begun trying to stop seeing them all as separate after the fourth Peepers had gone. It was a bit too painful then. He almost wanted to say "no," right now.

But seeing all those markers, seeing the look in Wander's eyes and how much this meant to him, and remembering that as much as he tried to mentally merge all the Peepers into one, he himself had a little plot of markers, he said yes.

Wander kept talking, long into the night and moments before the sun rose again. He talked about Julian and his habit of licking Wander clean before bedtime, he talked about Marius and his love of chocolate, how Benvolio had hated his name so much he insisted on being "Benvi," how Margueite's grave had weeds on it because she was highly allergic to most flowers and that was why she'd come along with Wander in the first place because she was on a planet full of them and simply couldn't spend her whole life sneezing, how Plum had hated water and liked salty food while Pepper had liked sweets and said Wander reminded her of a carrot...

Finally, when dawn came, Wander was curled up against Hater's ribs, sniffling faintly into his cloak while the skeleton had wrapped an arm around him. And not awkwardly either, but the way that someone does when they know exactly how someone needs to be held.

"It's weird," he said at last, when Wander's sniffles had finally subsided. "You'd think we'd be used to it by now."

"Don't mean it don't hurt less."

Thinking about how the current Peepers had been looking run-down and how his movements were so slow lately, and how he'd likely have to see that plot again soon, Hater was inclined to agree.

Re: Friends (OP)

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Re: Friends

From: [personal profile] xtac - Date: 2013-09-30 01:28 pm (UTC) - Expand

Re: Friends

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2016-06-02 11:48 pm (UTC) - Expand

Hater/Wander - Alien genitalia, magic green dick

Date: 2013-09-28 05:20 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Weird, very weird request. A silly fic, really. Wander gets a good look at Hater's magic, green dick and won't stop awing over it. Poor Hater.

"If I had one like that, I'd never stop touching it... Here, look at mine!"

"What? No, put that away!"

Hater/Wander - Hurt/comfort, Foot massage, etc.

Date: 2013-09-28 05:27 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Wander is very self-conscious about his bare feet. In fact, he never takes his shoes and socks off around people. (maybe he has an extra toe or something that his people bullied him over)

Hater is always looking for a way to get rid of Wander, and finds out his little embarrassing secret. Thus, Hater starts out as a real jerk, but eventually ends up being on the one to comfort the star nomad. Hopefully leading to a sensual foot massage and some sexy times :)
From: (Anonymous)
Make that happen
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