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Hey all! As with all things there are a few rules. Nothing too restricting I feel and many of them are in the best interest of others. So lets get to the rules.

1. The prompts must involve Wander over Yonder in some way. Crossovers are fine though as long as Wander over Yonder is one of the fandoms.

2.Anything is allowed. Slash, Het, femmeslash, three somes, whatever. Which leads to the next rule...

3.No kink bashing! Yeah, there may be one or two prompts that will squick you (I'm sure the same will happen with me.) but lets all play nice here.

4. Please post your prompts in the appropriate prompt post. Prompts involving oc's go to the oc prompt post, mature rated ones to the mature prompt post, and safe for work ones in the safe for work prompt post. If you're not sure what post your prompt belongs to, contact me.

5. When posting it's preferred if you put the pairing (or if a gen prompt put in gen.) and kink or a summery phrase of what you're prompting into the subject box. Also put in any possible triggers as warning.

The body of the post of course will be the prompt.

6. You may use anon if you like. Or not. It's your call.

7. Multiple fills are encouraged.

8. You can prompt as much as you want. It is encouraged you do some fills though to be nice.

9. Please tag for spoilers. A spoiler is considered something in a episode that recently shown up until a week. So pretty much each new episode based prompt needs some indication that the prompts contain spoilers until a week since it's premiere on t.v.


All prompts posted here must be safe for work. Generally nothing meant to be sexual should not be posted here. Mostly for the gen or the light romance crowd. Don't worry mature rated lovers, there is a post for mature rated prompts.


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