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Hey all! As with all things there are a few rules. Nothing too restricting I feel and many of them are in the best interest of others. So lets get to the rules.

1. The prompts must involve Wander over Yonder in some way. Crossovers are fine though as long as Wander over Yonder is one of the fandoms.

2.Anything is allowed. Slash, Het, femmeslash, three somes, whatever. Which leads to the next rule...

3.No kink bashing! Yeah, there may be one or two prompts that will squick you (I'm sure the same will happen with me.) but lets all play nice here.

4. Please post your prompts in the appropriate prompt post. Prompts involving oc's go to the oc prompt post, mature rated ones to the mature prompt post, and safe for work ones in the safe for work prompt post. If you're not sure what post your prompt belongs to, contact me.

5. When posting it's preferred if you put the pairing (or if a gen prompt put in gen.) and kink or a summery phrase of what you're prompting into the subject box. Also put in any possible triggers as warning.

The body of the post of course will be the prompt.

6. You may use anon if you like. Or not. It's your call.

7. Multiple fills are encouraged.

8. You can prompt as much as you want. It is encouraged you do some fills though to be nice.

9. Please tag for spoilers. A spoiler is considered something in a episode that recently shown up until a week. So pretty much each new episode based prompt needs some indication that the prompts contain spoilers until a week since it's premiere on t.v.


As you can guess this is the place for prompt involving oc's. I've noted many people have created star nomad ocs. So I feel it's only right to add a section for people to celebrate that. Mature prompts are allowed in here. If that becomes a problem I will make a separate prompt post.

Canon characters can be added to the prompts as long as a oc is involved.

Any OC/Overlord!Wander, captured

Date: 2013-09-04 08:04 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
The au overlord Wander captures one of the many star nomad OC's. What happens? Can be your own or someones else.
From: (Anonymous)
Wander knew from the moment that he stepped out of the warship: this was a good planet to conquer.

The grass, thick and soft and sweet-smelling, was a rich magenta. It stretched out in every direction, littered with flowers that towered over him, easily four or five times his height. Blooms that dwarfed him and his soldiers hung from the branched stems, creating long shadows that the Watch Dogs ducked into as they began seeking out the indigenous race of the planet. Wander was betting on herders and gatherers. The planet felt too young, too new, to have an advanced civilization just yet. There wasn't even a planetary defense system to duck when they came to land.

“Sir! Squad One-One-Five has found something!” Peepers skidded to a halt beside him and went straight to attention, careful to keep his gaze somewhere above his master's head. No one looked Lord Wander in the eyes. “They're requesting your presence.”

“Of course they are.” Useless really, the lot of them. At least they followed orders; they'd probably have obeyed any old villain to offer them the job. “Lead the way, Peeps.”

His commander had long since learned it was futile to argue the nickname. Moreover, he'd learned that the lack of use was far, far worse.

They weaved through the flower-forest, Peepers marching double-time and Wander taking a slower pace after him. He liked to make people wait, whether he could catch up or not. It reminded them of their place. His commander would dart ahead two or more meters then hurry back again, wasting energy like there was no tomorrow. He didn't try to encourage his lord to speed up however.


He was just beginning to purposely drift away from Peeper's direction when a faint cry reached his ears.

“No, you're holding it wrong!” Came a voice a moment later. “You have to bounce it a little! They like that.” Wander's interest was piqued, just enough that he quickened his steps and crossed the last bit of distance. There was a steep slope not but a few feet away; it none-too-gently made its way down into more treacherous territory—rocky outcroppings and terrain that weaved in every direction save flat. The far distance had mountains looming as faint blue and purple shapes.

In the arms of one of his Watch Dogs was a ball of dark red fluff. It wriggled and cried at the top of its impressive lungs.

Wander's heart leaped into his throat.

“It isn't stopping!” Another Watch Dog squalled from off to one side, hands pressed to his nonexistent ears and eye shut. “Turn it off!”

In no less than seven steps, Wander had crossed the clearing and slapped the Watch Dog holding the baby hard enough to knock him to the ground. The baby went with him, and was only saved from joining the nasty splat that followed when Wander snatched it from his minion's hands as they passed. Then, praying secretly that he was wrong—wrong he had to be wrong he was the only one left in this part of the universe—

He looked at the baby.

Large, dark eyes stared back at him, amid a face that was scrunched in mid-holler and covered in thick baby fuzz. There was rather more fur than he'd had to deal with at that age, but the resemblance between them was unmistakeable.

A Star Nomad.

He scowled.

“Where is your mother.” It was more an accusation than a question. The baby was hardly of-age to be out of the pouch, let alone left by itself while its parents did who knew what somewhere else on the planet. Was it abandoned? Had they left it? He knew so little about the customs of his own species, but considering how few of them there were, they had to think more of their young than this. “How could she just leave you out here in the open.? Where are they when you need them?”

His minions took a step back in unison.

“Did she run when she saw us coming? Go off to hide somewhere to save her own skin?” Wander's grip was too tight and the baby was beginning to whimper in discomfort. His face softened, just a touch, and he remembered what it was like to feel small and helpless. He also remembered the texture of his mother's fur, the way it had felt clutched in his hands when he was old enough to ride on her back instead of in the pouch. Remembered the white of her teeth and the color of her eyes and the way flowers seemed to follow her footsteps. Remembered her lovely little star-shaped locket that she said had been a gift from the friend who'd helped her have him. Remembered how it felt whenever she held out her hands so that he could reach for her if he wanted to be picked up, even when he was too old to be carried.

Remembered her voice the only way he did anymore, screaming his name at the top of her lungs as the very ground beneath her came apart, her blowing a new orbble transporter with her next to last breath, floating out of the reach of a crumbling planet and her smiling.

I love you, Wander.

The baby's wail broke him out of it, and with no further ceremony he turned and pushed it back into the circular nest of carefully arranged grass at his feet. It quieted immediately, staring out at him with fearful eyes.

“Get rid of it.”

“Sir?” He'd never heard Peepers sound quite so horrified. “But...but sir—”

“Commander Peepers.” A hush fell over the army, and Peepers flinched back from him. His tone, though it still held his usual twang to it, had gone cold. “I gave you an order.”

“Sir, with all due respect, it''s an infant. It looks just like you.” Because Peepers knew, Peepers knew a large number of Wander's secrets though still not all. He knew that Wander would chase almost any rumor of creatures like himself. Had scraped together numerous artifacts from around the galaxy, practically ate and breathed the myths of Star Nomads.

We travel the universe, Wander. Home is the stars, the planets.

Years worth of false leads and half-truths and old wives' tales. Sometimes he still checked, just in case there was anything left. He'd been looking ever since he was little, for some explanation, some sense of belonging.

When all of space is home, you're never lost.

Eventually, he stopped being stupid.

“If its parents don't want it, why should I?” He sneered. Old words and old wounds. A different mouth, but he'd heard it so many times from strangers throughout the galaxy, had doors shut in his face and heard only laughter on the other side. He owed his species nothing. “I don't care what you do. Just get rid of it.”

Peepers swallowed, and Wander glared him down until he whispered a tinny 'yes, sir.' He was already storming away when movement from the terrain below caught his eye. He froze, and for the second time that day, his voice lodged somewhere that he could not call it up.

She was dark-furred—not black, but his chest thudded painfully at the few shades between—and was wearing a wide-brimmed sunhat that she'd tied a thick ribbon around. At some point, she'd let it fall off the top of her head as she moved from rock to rock, plucking small items from the ground. From the distance he couldn't tell for sure, but each collected item appeared to be small and shiny. He bristled, not sure whether it was her violet-blue fur or her obliviousness to the danger her baby was in that agitated him so.

He snatched Peepers' raygun from the little commander's belt and held it up, firing a single shot into the sky overhead.

In the valley below, she spun on one heel, eyes immediately moving to check on her infant. When she saw them on the hill, Wander could make out the widening of her eyes even from that distance. Oh, she knew and she was afraid. She'd never make it in time, if the baby was in harm's way. Her hands were suddenly empty, and she held them up, a silent plea.

Run! Wander, run!

How dare she leave it all alone.

How dare she even bear a passing resemblance.

“Don't hurt him!” She cried from down the slope. The distance warped her voice, changing the pitch and drawing out the words into twisted sounds that Wander almost couldn't make out amid the roar of blood in his ears. “Please don't hurt him!”

He threw the gun to the side and crossed back to the nest.

It only took one good shove of his boot to send the whole of it skidding down the hillside, and the baby let out a scream as it went. Its mother took off, full speed and rather impressive for it. He waited, gauging whether or not she would make it before the hill's slant bottomed out and the baby was dropped straight onto the sharp rocks at the base.

Her timing was excellent. She dove at the last minute, and went rolling. The baby and she clung together as the empty mound of woven grass went over the edge and broke into pieces. He could hear her sobbing its name, could almost feel how tightly she was hugging it.

Wander took aim with one gloved finger.

“Sir! You can't—!”

“Be quiet, Peepers.” He snarled. “Or you're next.”

The bolt hit the ground just to the mother and child's left, and there was a fearful squawk from the both of them as they remembered his existence. She was already on her feet, holding the baby close as she ran off into the cover of the rocks. He fired one more shot, letting it go wide, and watched with satisfaction as they disappeared.

She'd be off-planet within the day, possibly within the hour. And she'd never trust the world enough to leave her child alone in it again.

He smirked.

“Was that really necessary, sir?” Peepers was venturing back to his side, edging into his space and trying to judge his mood. At the moment, Wander felt sour enough that he wouldn't have minded turning a finger on his commander and reducing him to a pile of ash. He wouldn't have minded going to his room and burying his face in a pillow and screaming until he remembered to forget his mother and and the loneliness and that Thing with the molten red eyes that still haunted his nightmares...till he'd sobbed out everything that hurt.

As an alternative, he drew his spine up straight. “I don't know what you mean, Peeps.”

Behind him, the Watch Dogs sagged in relief.

“Of course, sir. I'll ready the ship's cannons, and we'll begin the aerial scouting. The ground troops will continue with the forest.” The commander's eye darted nervously toward the outcroppings, but Wander had already turned away as if he'd forgotten about the Star Nomad and her infant. “I can direct the ground troops if you'd like to...?”

“I think I'll take charge of the ship, thanks.” Wander brushed past him and grinned under the shade of his hat at the sound of a sigh. Let Peepers think that he had even an ounce of influence, that's he'd done anything to press a decision into being made. It made it so much easier to keep him under wraps that way. “Jeepers, Peepers. There's such a lot to do.”

Run! Don't look back!

He never did.

Watchdog OC/Peepers [Mild Violence]

Date: 2013-09-16 11:58 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
One of the background watchdogs, named Optie, has fallen in love with Peepers. He loves him so much but he's scared to confess it to him. One night he witnesses Peepers getting beaten up by Hater for confessing unrequited love to him. He comforts Peepers and tends to his wounds and they eventually get together as bf and bf.


Date: 2013-09-17 06:46 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Because Phillie has been mentioned in other fics but nobody has actually written about her? Let's change that...

Sylvia/Eleanor, any genre

Date: 2013-09-20 05:41 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
haha oh dang, i've got it bad for sylvia/oc right now so uh
anything humorous/lighthearted featuring tumblr user sassymartian's oc Eleanor with Sylvia would be rly fabulous.

something sfw is optimal, but i'll leave that to the fill writer/artist!

Hater/OC first time,prostitution

Date: 2013-09-28 04:04 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Dear Woy fandom,
how about you write about the time Hater decided he totally needed to loose his virginity and hired a prostitute so he could just get it over with?

I leave it to you if he actually manages to get laid (points will be awarded if a nervous Hater gets gently dommed by a mature, experienced lady) or if the poor guy just has a complete breakdown and they decide they are just going to play videogames all night and tell everyone who asks that they did it...(Everything completly consensual please!)

Wander and His Various Friends

Date: 2013-10-13 08:18 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Remember this fill here?

Let's find out a little about these guys, shall we?
Just some cute friendship stuff.
From: (Anonymous)
I don't think the litter needs any further introduction, we all know what it is and who the kids are. What I want is a...well, simply a "a day in the lifes" fic. I don't care about what, family breakfast, trying to get the children into bed, family trips, aunt Sylvia babysitting five kids at once, babys first encounter with deadly spider monster, whatever, just make it cute.

PhillieSyl suprisingly vanilla sex

Date: 2014-08-16 03:31 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
This meme is death, the other prompt with this char didn't even get filled...wh am I doing this....Er, whatever:

Phillies reputation as a expert on all things kinky is nothing new to Sylvia, who has had pretty much only had "standard" sex up to that point.

Because of that, she braces herself for a first time of eye widening horror to please her new girlfriend. She can handle some whips and chains, she is ready for terryifing role play, COME AT ME WITH THAT ANUS ANNIHILATOR 300 SISTER!

...Only to be surprised when the Overlord pulls out a little lube, a vibe and maybe a strapon after a date. Because, hey, you can't expect your partner to be into the same shit as you. And she doesn't annihilate anuses on the first night anyways...


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